Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reflections on 2012 Thus Far

I have had a lot more time to think without my phone. My brain is tired. These are the things I have realized:

All of my worrying was founded (is that the opposite of unfounded...?) as evidenced by ALL these missed calls and text messages. SEE how much importantness I really was missing out on those 7 days?

I have decided to have much more mercy on people who abbreviate, misspell and just don't respond to texts all together. Because it requires WAY too much energy on a non-iPhone. And TALK about why they don't want people texting and driving--you really could kill yourself trying to text and drive on one of those old dinosaur phones.

My children, who will never know a time without smart phones, have no hope for not being lazy, spoiled, and as dependent on technology as I have realized I am this week.

Chick-fil-A IS about the only company out there [that I have encountered this week] that gives a darn about customer service anymore. [Instance #1. Earlier this week I decide I'm just going to have to try and have AT&T unlock my old black berry, even though I'm with Verizon now, to use in the mean time...So I go to Verizon and they act like I'm an idiot for even asking, say there is NO option for a temporary phone for me...until one guy says if I had a friend with an old Verizon phone he could turn that on for me. Instance #2. I email support over at Amazon trying to figure out all the Kindle trouble I had been having and the answer I get back to my question is this, "Sure." [Eyes narrowed] Sure? Sure? I FIGURED THAT..."Can you tell me HOW?!?!?!" Instance #3 I am saving for a post ALL it's own but sneak peak, its called CHASE HEALTH ADVANCE AND HOW THEY ARE IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN.]

BUT here is the even better news. Better than deep lessons I have learned about how good CAN come out of this situation...My PHONE actually made it back to me. I know. It arrived. Exactly 8 days after I lost it. It truly had to be a MIRACLE of GOD because the label read as follows:

I'm not afraid to put that address on the World Wide Web because it is SO FAR from correct that only God could inspire a postal worker to sit and figure THAT logic out...

I ABSOLUTELY TAKE BACK the mean things I said about WDW Lost and Found, I will furthermore retract the specific phrase of "Stupidest response of the century" and will hereby re-adopt the philosophy that most of the time close is good enough...

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