Saturday, January 14, 2012

Disney Recap Part II

This ACTUALLY has nothing to do with Disney, except the continuation of the lost phone saga...In case you missed it, here are the details...Lost iPhone 4 at Disney's Hollywood Studios Wednesday, December 4th, 2012 around 6 PM
Filed a report at Guest Services at 9 PM upon park closing
[completely legibly wrote my name, the phone's number, gave my mom's number for contact info and her address to mail it back to.

Description of the phone, small case, picture of me dressed as a Santa with 3 little elves around me. Other identifying factors, if necessary, which apparently wasn't tons of pics of twin babies, baking failures and most recently Cinderella's castle. The last picture taken was of the Scrabble board over the Toy Story area in Hollywood Studios.

Call as soon as 9 am rolls around the next morning, December 5th, Thursday, the day we left to go home. Took literally 15 minutes to get to a representative who told me that no, there was no phone there with that description but took down all of my info again in case it came in. THIS must be where the misinterpretations came in.

Get to Alyssa's around 7 that night, lost and found is closed, and learn how to track my phone. Lo and behold the phone has been found and appears to be moving (over a lake) toward guest services. Praise the lamb. Call the next day to confirm, Friday the 6th. Here we are present day...

Call. 15 minutes on hold, listening to Disney classics nonetheless, until a man answers. Oh, yes, it showed that that phone had been mailed early the morning of the 5th. Whew, great...but I [compulsively] track the phone again and it hasn't moved. Who is right, Disney or track my iPhone. I decided to research the whole thing and was pretty convinced that if the phone was powered off/battery died/etc., the last know location of the phone would be displayed for awhile before it couldn't be tracked at all and that MUST be what the dilemma was...and I would call Disney again Monday morning [just to be safe].

All weekend long I felt lost. I felt compelled to have my computer with me at all times so I could email or facebook from there if needed. I wasn't able to make any spontaneous social plans, and I attempted to gather a few numbers so that whenever I encountered a phone I could borrow, I could attempt to get a little text fix or her another human's voice over time and space, of only discover that I could no longer use a phone. I kept trying to touch the screen...when I had an old flip phone at my disposal, it took me an hour to type one text message because I had to tap the 5 THREE times just to get one "L" for love of God! When I moved on to a phone with a keyboard my fat fingers pressed ALL of the tiny buttons around the letter I was choosing and wouldn't EVEN correct itself. I mean who even knows how to spell anymore?!? And my phone is supposed to know come on, haven't we been over this, I ALWAYS mean "y'all" when I type "yall" and don't mean "tall." I'm disappointed in this behavior, I expected more out of you." I seriously couldn't take it anymore. Basically, I was starting to lose it. I had to use my real alarm clock...luckily I didn't throw it away like I've done with many other things I deemed no longer necessary like a real

I had to make my computer play my music for me, and only had [gasp!] the regular radio in the car--no AUX jack that I usually plug into my phone...I even had to rely on the radio to tell me the weather!!! And really, how accurate could that be?!? I TRIED to get books onto a borrowed iPad, or just my computer. That ended in tears and storming upstairs to make Alissa try FOR me...still with no result. I may or may not have cried, screamed, flung myself on my bed, on other's couches and mentioned how AWFUL my life without my phone was every 5 to 10 minutes or so. Mind you, this was day 4. I was pathetic.

Monday morning rolls around again and I just needed to call again to make sure they hadn't missed my daily phone call over there at Guest Services...This time I got a male representative, now after wasting 45 minutes of my life on hold, who confirms the package was mailed the 5th. Good, good, I believed that somewhere deep down inside but OK...
"Now why didn't anyone call me and tell me it had been mailed?"
"Well it appeared the number had been disconnected."
"What number did you dial?" WRONG.

[oh no...] "Can I get a confirmation number and/or tracking number on that and can you confirm the address...?" [More holding] Something about tracking only available upon receipt or some bs...and the address...ALL MIXED UP!!! I.Fell.Apart.[Again.]

"Well that's incorrect as well, now what? I guess the phone will be mailed back to y'all? Am I correct?"
[Stupidest response of the century...] "Well the address is very close, it might still get to you."
Right, how could I be so negative!?!
"Can you just change the contact number and let me know immediately if it arrives back y'all and if it does DO NOT attempt to mail it again." I had already asked for overnight shipping and he informed me that they don't do anythign but standard ground shipping so I had made up my mind I would have someone personally pick it up from them and overnight it to me...or drive to Orlando and get it myself. I was not above that at any point.

SO...I don't know where the heck my phone is, or when it will arrive. I have gotten a temporary phone to use in the meantime since I've mentally given up hope that I will ever see my phone again...and have decided that WDW has no idea what this little blunder is costing my sanity. I decided they NEED to realize that they have done a VERY poor job of getting my personal belonging back to me. They need to know how much information and a persons life is wrapped up in a phone that really just cannot be lived without for 2 weeks or more at this point. What do they plan on doing to make this better for me? (Their ideas will be more efficient and reasonable than mine. Season tickets for life would be deemed acceptable. A job being Tinkerbell or a one day park hopper pass is the least I will accept.) I would also strongly suggest they get some capable people on the lines at Lost and Found... The letter might read "Dear Walt Disney World, I figured out where you can afford to hire me and my friends, if not as beautiful princesses...your lost and found department needs some quality brain power. Thanks."

And if they are kind enough to NOT take my suggestions, because firing people is really mean and HARD...I suggest the invent and implement some kind of online form or a kiosk even, to report lost items where the owner types in the information so that if it is wrong it not their fault. And I could update the contact info and etc...AT LEAST they need to go back to the "Charlie-Alpha-Tango" system or ask "G-as-in-goat-girl-googoo-goggles-G-G-G" system in place. Lastly, they should allow guests to be able to opt for additional shipping costs if desired. And be able to track my package. The end.

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