Friday, January 13, 2012

Disney World 2012 Recap Part I

So, by some happy chance, I was offered a trip to Walt Disney World over Christmas break. Unbelievably excited, seeing as how Walt Disney World remains one of my most favorite places of all times, I couldn't sleep or sit still or anything the nights leading up to January 2nd.

I'm a list maker and a planner, and I make grand plans down to the tiniest details like playlists and GRAND plans for this trip, I was starting 2012 the BEST way possible, in sunny Orlando, FL!!!

And although it isn't saying much, since I wasn't all by myself this trip and it didn't dip into the 20's, rain torrentially, and end in my crying and convinced that I was going to be arrested for running through tolls on 408 in a borrowed car...this year was WAY more fun than last time! Best of all it was shared by friends who are equally as enchanted by the magic as well!
We rode the Teacups--always my fav, and we rode all 3 mountains: Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain rides. We ate lunch in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which is something I would HIGHLY recommend if you are like me and do not like to waste one second or dime on getting park food and stopping for lunch breaks...

It was unseasonably and quite unreasonably cold and so no one [in their right minds] wanted to ride Splash Mountain and be the wait time was historical--5 minutes. Have you EVER seen a single digit number on that wait time. Never.

We watched Mickey's Philharmagic show, and rode Pirates of the Caribbean (and I jumped out of my seat as a particularly life-like animatronic Jack Sparrow caught me off guard. I did not, howwever, shriek. #accomplishments #itsthesmallthings #notlikeseeingharrypotterinthetheaters).

We heard a little of the Celebrate parade...which looked magical, as we left the park that day and the next day I was going to Animal Kingdom for the first time EVER! We went on Everest two times in a row and it was awesome! Then, we went on Dinosaur, which I liked because it was so similar to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland--and nothing at Disney World has compared to that yet! I loved it. I would've like to have ridden the Dinosaur Land carnival rides be we were trying to do all 3 parks that day so we had to MOVE!

We did the safari, which made me think how much my mom would like this park (she wants to go on a real safari one day) and I almost fell out of the cart. I know they say to stay seated at all times, but that warning is obviously for children who may fall out...but just as the driver pointed out something we were driving over, I rose from my seat a bit to get a better look at what he was talking about, the truck lurched over to that side and I was almost pitched out. Luckily, someone grabbed me by the shirt and tugged me down just in time.
The Tree of Life is AMAZING, I loved it and seeing it in person is kind of surreal. And then, the best part of all...The Lion King show. We sang along and watched the amazing acrobatic monkeys and the dancing animals of all kinds...and then the birds. In the video I took, I captured the moment I decided, "I want to be her." and my life goal expanded from just being Tinkerbell-who-flies-from-the-castle-to-start-the-fireworks to beautiful-ballet-dancing-bird-on-a-wire by day and Tinkerbell by night. If these things could happen, I would die the happiest person on Earth, I think.
THEN we left and went to Hollywood Studios. My girls got Mickey Mouse Ear Ice Creams, we excelled at the Toy Story arcade ride and we rode Rockin' Roller Coaster, me for the first time. Since it wasn't open the only other time I had been to Hollywood Studios. And Tower of Terror...'nuff said...I'm just going to go ahead and say that there aren't many years of roller coaster and frightening experiences like that left in me. I've started getting much more motion sick from these things...and the drops, I really think make my heart stop beating in my chest. Its not one of those thrills like it used to be. Now I just get scared to death and cry. With that being said, lets plan a great theme park adventure before I turn 30 and do some MAJOR DAMAGE to Islands of Adventure or Six Flags or something.
Then the magic stopped...also the heart stopped and the wind was knocked out of me when I realized...I had lost my phone.

I had this thought earlier in the morning that "I am going to lose my phone today." But, as I am supposed to do, I told myself that was an irrational thought, I had no reason to believe that I would really lose my phone today...but I'd kept it even in my inner jacket pocket that zips shut most of the day. Everytime I thought about it I put my hands on it to make sure it was there. I had been texting and taking pictures the whole afternoon...and then, right after Rockin' Roller Coaster... I couldn't find it. We were heading to do Tower of Terror and I just forced my self to relax...but my night was over. No Voyage of the Little Mermaid, no Beauty and the Beast show...just dread at losing my phone. I had a little trouble breathing, but I didn't panic or even cry once. We looked all the places I remembered, the bathroom, one wall we waited on, the curb on Sunset (more waiting), and then the worst thought, it might've fallen out on Rockin' Roller no phone, we tried calling it and texting...but that was it...So we walked through the street that had all the Christmas lights still lit up everywhere and the [incredible] fake snow falling and headed for guest services at the front of the park for closing. I filed a report and we left...for...the last little bit of magic--the fireworks at Magic Kingdom...

I didn't have a hard time having fun, even though I was really upset about my phone...I mean there was the BEAUTIFUL castle, all lit up like a sparkling icicle, Tinkerbell FLYING from the castle, and FIREWORKS--my most favorite things EVER!!! I was practically bursting with joy and excitement as we watched. Alyssa got to pick new shoes from the Emporium, missing the first bit of fireworks, but had awesome new kicks to walk around in. And THEN we watched the coolest light show projected on the castle. I LOVED it all! It was truly freezing, had been a REALLY long day...but we couldn't leave yet. After the parade and fireworks and light show, DROVES of people left. The people with young kids, the ones there just for the was almost like the park vacated even though Magic Kingdom was open until MIDNIGHT that night. So we rode Small World and were trying to make a plan for the next things to do...but we ended up just leaving because we couldn't decide on anything as a group and everyone be happy. I think that's all I can say about the situation here...

Back at the hotel, I started to feel the reality of being without my phone and got really worried. I don't think I slept at all that night, again, for like the 4th night in a row for one reason or another, and when I did sleep I kept dreaming that people were dragging me back on Tower of Terror against my will. I woke myself up crying, "I don't want to!"

We left the next morning, shopped at Downtown Disney for a bit before heading out for real. It was a long, sad, car ride. I began to feel like a spoiled child though, because I was having such a hard time not having a PHONE. It's a phone, right? Yes, but it is so much more than that! I can't check the weather without my phone, I don't know the time without my phone, I know a grand total of three people's phone numbers to call without my phone. I can't check email or facebook or twitter or instagram or Hanging or Words or ANYTHING without my phone. No music, no camera, no Kindle/books to TV without Netflix. My LIFE is contained in my phone...and it felt like I had just been severely disabled. We could barely even navigate without my GPS. I know, #firstworldproblems, whatever.

We'd called lost and found to check this morning and they hadn't received anything matching my phone. I had sent a facebook message to a friend hoping a friend of hers could have tracked my iPhone via an app that both of us have, Find Friends...but that didn't work, and they suggested I use Find My iPhone app...but I didn't have that app. Eventually around 7 PM the next night we arrived at Alyssa's house, the first chance we had with Wi-Fi in I decided to try to track my iPhone...

It took awhile to figure out what to even do and finally, with the information it began to blink saying, "Locating my iPhone" When it finish I just started at the screen and couldn't believe what I saw. It didn't make since, it was nowhere close to where I had left it, was the app wrong? I had no ideas except that I couldn't handle the information. I needed to leave the room, but Alyssa followed, so I just turned around and burst into tears crying, "IT'S IN THE MIDDLE OF A LAKE SOMEWHERE!!!" She busted out laughing and went to go try and figure out what was happening and brought me her phone so I could call the person I call [every week] when I have my life crises...

In the meantime they realized that my phone was MOVING, likely, OVER a lake, toward Guest Services and Park Lost and Found. Whew, it had been located, they had my info, it would get back to me. Luckily, I didn't overreact at all...

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