Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bad day and bad mood

I am in a bad mood. I have had a bad day. I have kind of had a bad week. But today...First, the babies that I keep during the day came an hour earlier than usual—at 9. I went to bed about 11:30 last night and woke up READY to go at 6:30. I had breakfast and then went back to sleep until the arrived…so by then I was groggy again…sleep is ever a mystery to me…

So morning went by alright, 9, 10, the 10 week old slept a little, until 11:50, and Ashlyn was fine. She ate breakfast and watched Sesame Street and other kid TV…and then T-bone was up. Soon after he was up, he was hungry. Seeing as how he won’t take a bottle at all his mom has to come back and feed him mid-day which USUALLY is fine…except today he had an extra hour to be STARVING since they came an hour early. His mom is usually back around 12:45 but today at 12:30 I texted her and asked how close she was because he had completely lost his mind already. She called and we decided to meet so he could eat a little sooner than if we just waited on her to arrive. As soon as we got in the car he stopped screaming and began to sob a little more quietly. By the time we reached Chick-fil-a he was ok until the food supply came.

Ashlyn played on the playground, slammed her fingers in the door, would only eat a few bites and only for her mom and was beginning to get tired…it was after all almost 2 PM! It was already a long morning and listening to a baby scream is about the most stressful thing ever, especially knowing I really can’t do anything for him. And THIS baby in particular also happens to hate me…so it isn’t just crying, it is a full-fledged-fingers-and-toes-flayed-out-arms-over-head-whole-body-stiff-SCREAMING. I feel like Rachel on Friends but I swear he’s SCREAMING “I HATE YOU!”

As we drove home he fell asleep in the car and I transferred him inside. I put Ashlyn down for her nap and I thought how wonderful the afternoon had just become…for 45 minutes. Then Tommy was awake. Ashlyn continued her sleeping for exactly 2 hours as she always does. Tommy was squirmy and uncomfortable seeming most of the time he was awake. THEN he pooped. It was absolutely disgusting. It looked like a yellowish-orange-paint spill or cheap-honey-mustardy-gooey-yogurty-ness. It luckily didn’t smell…but it took me forever to get…him…clean. Then he continued to be difficult. It just wasn’t a good day for him. He finally progressed to his screaming about the time Ashlyn woke up. I interrupted her afternoon snack, threw her in the car with the screaming wonder and we drove laps around the loop. Tommy fell asleep and Ashlyn “sang” (and by sang I mean screamed and screeched and made weird noises and sounds) along with the music. Finally we met their mom back at the house and she took them AWAY. I was wiped…and thought 9 am would come way too soon tomorrow…I am just SO ready to have children at a place where children belong...not my house. And I am ready to get out of my house. And have the children be on the same schedule, same age, etc.

I sat and talked with my roommate and heard all about her awful day and just continued to be mad at EVERYONE. I just get really mad!!! This life basically sucks! Then I checked facebook and one of my friends statuses said, “Congratulations Carriage House Realty!!!! You have joined Atlanta traffic, fire ants, the color orange…, and terrorists as things I absolutely loathe.....” and it inspired me to write a list of things I absolutely loathe…or even dislike…which has turned into a long blog post since I was already in a bad mood. I hate everything.

So I started making my list and decided that I hate so many things that I would have to put them in categories…foods I hate, people I hate, movies and TV I hate, especially kids shows I hate, behavior I hate, words I hate, songs I hate, businesses and organizations that I hate, etc…and that just kind of took the fun out of it. William’s was just so well said that I wanted to do it too…but instead I’ve decided not to…also because some of the things I say that I hate make me sound like an awful person and I’m really not. So that’s all I guess. A little vent post…

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