Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well again it has been a long time. I have a HARD time once I miss a few days to catch up...so much happens and SO much has been happening. BUT I HAVE TO update you all on my job! After a LOT of frustrating set backs in the job arena I have finally landed one that I think is PERFECT for me for right now! After FHDC, Legacy, Ashlyn, Unemployed, Substituing, McPhaul IRONY (which would be a fun post sometime...) it is about time I find something that I love!

The first week I had to open which meant I had to be there at 7 AM. Ok, for those of you who truly know me...even saying the words "7 AM" make me want to throw up...The ONLY time I have successfully operated at those hours are on mission trip...and that lasts for one week, tops, on Holy-Spirit-Adrenaline I am sure, and when I get home I sleep for like days at a time and I am not exagerrating. At all. I sleep 9 to 12 hours at a time. a TYPICAL night. It is like I am running on empty if I don't have sleep... I think I am more passionate about sleeping than almost anything. Except babies...and mission trips...maybe hugs...ok. I like sleep a LOT.

NEEDLESS to say I never thought I would say what I am about to say. I would rather have the early shift at work. I would rather wake up at 5:50 in the morning, leave for work in the dark by 6:40 and be ready to roll at school by 7:00. I would.

All in all though, I LOVE my job. I love my kids. I love the people I work with. I have had a fun few weeks getting EVERYthing as PERFECT and organized as I can in my room…that’s the perfectionist in me…Here's Cooper and Nicole working on hanging up our ABC's. We have a lot of "helpers" in our room.

I’ve been opening so the kids get dropped off with me. I like to think it is just because they really like me the best, but I have a feeling that they trust me because their mommies leave them with me…so they are kind of attached to me. They like me, some will even cry when I leave the room. Most of the time that feels good…sometimes it is frustrating…when someone else needs me more and I put one of mine down and they fall out on the floor…throw their passy across the room in outrage and then upset because they don’t have their passy…[sigh…]

Anyway, this week I have been moved to the infant room because both of the teachers in there, one who is pregnant with twins and another, have been out sick with the flu. I know the babies now though, I got intimately acquainted with each of them the last 2 days...usually two of them at a time...

I feel really good about the fact that if anyone ever had to run my classroom, it is ALL organized and ALL spelled out...for your ease and entertainment...

So if you REALLY want details, this is how my day goes:

7:00 Clock-in

  • Drop stuff off
  • Turn on quiet classical music in 2’s room for drop-off
  • Read books, do puzzles, other indoor play

7:25 Begin breakfast routine

  • Spray table down with bleach water
  • Set up chairs
  • Wipe hands

7:30 Breakfast:

· Bigger kids get smaller chairs, just a little milk in sippys because we pour it out after breakfast. Cut up things into bites as needed, some will NOT want it cut up, etc. ______ gets special milk, no juice for ________________. 1’s do NOT get syrup, jelly, etc.

· Kids will continue to arrive throughout the breakfast process unfortunately…if you need more plates, food, etc., call for the director or ask a parent to let them know what we need on their way out.

· Wipe hands and face before you let them get up.

· Dump food into trash can, milk into sink, stack plates, cups at sink, spoons on top, periodically send out with the director

· Wipe table before putting a new kid at a spot another ate at

· Inform arriving teachers how much their kids ate or didn’t eat

· Change kids only as necessary

Here are a few having breakfast in the 2's.

8 or 8:15 Move to 1’s (preferably before all arrive, you might have to carry smaller ones in the hall)

  • Turn on music
  • Finish breakfast: Spray table
  • Get out some chairs (bathroom)
  • One might want to eat with sibling, they who have already eaten may want to eat again, at least have their milks out
  • Wipe hands and face before letting them up, dump food, send dishes out, spray table again, spot check floor (especially if something one could pick up and eat) wipe down chairs, return chairs
  • Continue quiet exploration


  • Check roll
  • Start daily sheets
  • Clean up
  • Clean up song

8:30-8:45 Circle time

    • Open shut them song
    • Calendar (counting, days, month, number recognition)
    • ABCs
    • Relevant book
    • Explain/review learning themes, engage kids in center play: blocks, musical instruments, dramatic play (stroller, vacuum, kitchen and food), etc. then by 9 start diapers

9:00-9:15 Diaper changing routine: gloves, diaper, kid on changing table (diapers in individual labeled tubs under changing table, special wipes for one)

  • Old diaper off, wipe clean, wrap in gloves
  • New diaper on, wash child’s hands
  • Write on daily sheet
  • Diaper in diaper can
  • Wash your hands
  • Spray changing table with bleach water
  • Wipe down
  • Next kid

9:15 to 9:30 Teacher guided activity

9:30 to 9:45 Stories and songs time

Clean up

9:45 to 10:30 Outside

(T/Th—Science or nature activity)

10:30 Arts (* THIS is worthy of a paragraph below...)

11:00 Lunch routine

  • Spray table
  • Set up chairs
  • Wipe hands
  • Bibs
  • Eat: Help feed bites to Cooper, Ella, Beckett as needed
  • Try to wipe hands and face before you let them get up.
  • Dump food into trash can, milk into sink, stack plates, cups at sink, spoons on top, write on daily sheets.
  • Get mats out, cover each mat with a towel
  • Make sure each crib has a new sheet
  • Put away loud toys into the bathroom
  • Lights out
  • White noise (orange, waterfall CD, loud, on “repeat all”)
  • When babies are finished eating change their diaper (whole routine, wash hands) and put them to bed.
  • We just say “Night night,” “Lie down,” “Get on your mat…”
  • We might sing one song or read one book
  • Crib babies put themselves to sleep, mat babies need a little patting or just to be sat by. A Good nap is from 11:40-1:40

Teachers during nap:

  • Send dishes out, bibs n laundry basket, spray table again, (occasionally we need to scrub with soap and water sponge first, then bleach water) and wipe down. Sweep floor and spot mop floor (especially if something Ella could pick up and eat), wipe down chairs, return chairs
  • Rinse off sippy cups
  • Refill and put in fridge
  • Clean all toys with bleach water and wipe dry
  • Make fresh bleach water
  • Restock laundry: 3 crib sheets, 2 towels, 1 blanket, bibs
  • Eat lunch or go on breaks, cover in the infant room

1:45 to 2-ish Wake up

  • Strip cribs and mats, laundry in basket
  • Disinfect mats and put away (under furthest crib)
  • QUIET activities: Books
  • Songs and rocking
  • Coloring
  • Play-Doh
  • Don’t wake up the Birdies song
  • Replace crib sheets

2:00-2:30 Diaper routine:

  • gloves, diaper, kid on changing table
  • Old diaper off, wipe clean, wrap in gloves
  • New diaper on, wash child’s hands
  • Write on daily sheet
  • Diaper in diaper can
  • Wash your hands
  • Spray changing table with bleach water
  • Wipe down
  • Next kid

(One leaves right after 2 PM everyday)

2:30-3:00 Teacher guided activity

Clean up

3:00 Snack routine

  • Spray table
  • Set up chairs
  • Wash hands
  • Bibs
  • Eat snack

Before I leave:

  • Take laundry to laundry room (start, switch and fold loads as needed)
  • Restock laundry: 3 crib sheets, 2 towels, 1 blanket, bibs
  • Gather all personal belongings
  • Clock out and leave
*NOW I have decided to write a whole nother post about the asterisk above entitled "ARTS" Please stay tuned!


  1. WOW that was detailed. :) I would expect nothing less. I'm so glad you love your job!!

  2. Look Erika! Pictures!!! Pretty much JUST for you...and to see the analyses...

  3. Your attention to detail is jaw-dropping...

  4. I LOVE your attention to detail! You make me feel disorganized/unprepared. And that takes some doing.

  5. this is all so familiar. how many kids do you have in your class?

    I totally relate to you on the whole wanting the room organized/set up right. I've always been anal with my rooms, actually I didn't know I could be so type A till preschool, but it really makes a huge difference in my sanity. The only problem is other people (ahem, co teachers) don't seem to care as much so that leaves me doing the bulk of the work in that regard lots of the time. *sigh*

    If you came in to my room to "sub" you would have everything you need, EVERYTHING labled with the kids' names and dates, all their stuff organized in bins, a very detailed feeding schedule for each baby on a dry-erase chart on the wall and diaper changing chart on the wall. We also have all their daily sheets paperclipped to the wall so we can look at them all at once. We are very organized. Cribs labeled...and they are even family pictures displayed on each crib. We are smooth operating machine. yep.

    If you want I can come down they and show those Infant teachers how it's done.
    and for that matter, those Two's teachers.

    we could have a workshop.

  6. Stine, DANG! I WANT a workshop!!! That sounds SO amazing...except I am going to lie and tell them all that every "suggestion" we are giving them is actually state law so they HAVE to do it. Right now all I have is 6 babies in my room..and I have an assistant.. who comes in at 10... I have about 10 in the morning when I'm all combined...we only have about 24 kids right now in the whole school. We are growing but the numbers are great right now!!! OH! and I didn't mention that my co-teacher is just as OCD as me...or at least tolerates and reinforces all of the things that I do on her own...with enthusiasm...We actually laugh at each other (she because I will eat off of the kids plates or off the floor and she would rather die, and SHE doesn't care if the crib sheets all match or the toys are all lined up facing the same direction...(Or that the crayons aren't in RAINBOW order. MAN. Do you SEE what I have to work with ;)