Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The temperature in heaven?

Have you ever wondered what the temperature will be like in heaven? I, being a person who is rarely satisfied with a temperature, often do. If I am the slightest bit cold it kind of hurts me. I can't really describe it. It is more than just a little uncomfortable. Then I feel irritable and I can't concentrate on anything except how uncomfortable I am.

Also there is the fact that having to wear a lot of clothes simply annoys me. I hate layering, I hate having to wear jackets or coats and socks. I would prefer to wear flip flops and dresses everyday of my life. I could tolerate jackets and coats for a very short time, when it is not actually very cold to anyone else, and get to wear the winter and fall outfits I actually really like...but then I am ready for summer again.

I think the problem is that my temperature sensitivity is just screwed up. If I am a good temperature, everyone else is hot. If everyone else is comfortable, I am likely to be cold. If it is cold to anyone else, I am freezing and if I am actually hot, you KNOW it is hot (or I am sick.) So, if heaven is perfect, and I believe it will be, there is not pain or sadness or crying in heaven, then I believe the temperature will be perfect as well...because if it isn't I might be sad, or in pain...or irritated...and I won't be those things in heaven.

BUT how is THAT going to work? Will my body just finally be normal? Will we all be made the same, completely comfortable at the same temperature, God's favorite temperature? Or will everyone FEEL their own personal favorite temperature? Like will I always feel like it is 78 to 80 degrees...and Ashley always be cool enough, and Carrie always warm? I am so intrigued! Or, and I would be a little disappointed by this option...will the temperature always be changing, like it does here, with the seasons, according to different climates--and we just not care? Not feel it or not notice or care? I would REALLY like some insight and opinions on this if anyone cares to share...even if it is expressing your thought that I am wasting my time thinking about these kinds of things, I'm ok with that!


  1. Hmmm...I'm thinking that since we won't have actual skin-and-bones bodies that maybe temperature is irrelevant. Maybe there will be no sense of touch (although that would be sad cause then how could you hug people?) or something. I will have to think about this some more before I can give a conclusive answer. :)

  2. I'm not sure how heaven will be either...but I do think that when you have babies, pregnancy may be like a little slice of heaven to you: instead of having a higher body temperature that makes you really hot all the time (like me), maybe it will make you just warm enough to be more comfortable!

  3. I think it will feel "just right" to everyone!! I really don't think that we will/could be bothered with temperature when we are in awe of the Lord- therefore we will all feel great. But now I'm starting to wonder if there are places to swim there and what if we get in the water and get out, would we feel cold? Would that water be warm or cool? And is there fire in Heaven? Is it warm close to the fire?
    Wow- this is opening up a whole can of questions... I DON"T KNOW CATHERINE!!! AHHHH!!! It's too much for me to handle!!!

  4. I think it will be 'God' degrees....think about it...