Monday, March 2, 2009

A Few Pictures

This is my favorite picture from Falmouth, I feel like it is what heaven could look the sea, simple little shops with all you'll ever need, I don't know. I loved it.
Here's my very own super hero, though I have many, and you know who you are! Super-Malachi is awesome! I can't wait for my friends to meet him and I am already feeling sad that I will have to leave him. Today he told me, "I got a flashlight for my birthday." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah, but the batteries are dead..." he seemed to think about it for awhile and then piped up, "Hey! Maybe when you go back to Georgia you can get some batteries and send them to me!" I thought this was great and told him I wanted HIM to come to Georgia sometime and he said, "Yah! And maybe I can ask my mom if I can go to your house. And we can jump on the trampoline." You also have to imagine this kid talking in a Canadian accent. I can't even write it, but it is amazing, just very enunciated correctly, no phonics problems in his future.

Here is one of my favorite views from the top of the hill I live on. You can see ALL around and it is amazing. You can SEE the rain coming in when it storms, you can watch the sun actually moving down while it sets in the evenings. Close your eyes and it is dark...just. like. that.

Another view from the base, and below is another picture of Falmouth...pronounced less like "Foul Mouth" and more like Plymouth...Fal-muth...just in case you were curious. And yes, I called it "Foul Mouth" all day and thought it was hysterical until I got corrected. Then it lost all of its humor and made me mad at the English language...why does mouth say two SO many others...anyway.


  1. What beautiful pictures!! And such a stark contrast from my snow pictures! I love the pictures of Super-Malachi. SO cute.

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