Monday, March 2, 2009

A boy...

A boy...who is NOT 4, who is NOT Malachi is the subject of one of my posts... Do NOT get too excited yet. I am mostly writing to vent my frustrations at this kid. So first I am about to say things that might be judgemental, that might hurt some feelings, so in advance I apologize and say that there are exceptions to every rule. The first thing is that this kid is 18 or 19. Do you know any 18 or 19 year old guys. They're idiots. He is conceited and arrogant and sometimes... idiot. He severely rubs me the wrong way. I think out of all of the things I can NOT deal with, the guys in my past who have driven me the most mad (in an irritating way), it is arrogance. My brother can be very arrogant and it infuriates me. 

The next thing this kid has against him is that he is from Chicago. A Northerner... I say it like it is a bug that I am ready to squash...but don't really have any reason to... they're just different. I feel like we don't even speak the same language, we are not on the same PAGE...and if we weren't on a YWAM base, he in DTS...I would be sire we weren't even in the same BOOK if you know what I mean. 

Probably the last thing this kid has going against him is my own disappointed expectations. I will completely honest (as it is on my "prayer list"), I would not have been too sad to come down here and meet a great, tan, hard working, (short term) missionary man to marry. My preconceived notions were that he would be American so we could go back to the [southern] states and get married and raise a couple of kids eventually. (What? You all know that this is ALL every southern girl dreams of... (ok, again, stepping on some toes? I am sorry.)) 

So I meet this kid, the only American close to my age, on short term missions, desiring to know God...and he is a jerk. Man, what a let down, no carribbean wedding folks. Very sad. Anyway, keep me in mind, keep praying. Let's get me hitched!


  1. Ahhh...Corry...I just LOVE reading your blog. I can't thank you enough for introducing me to it!!! This blogging thing has become therapeutic!!! I LOVE it!!!
    I can understand your disappointment...what a beautiful story it would make to meet someone in Jamaica...

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  3. Any young man but a northerner know how they are!! You deserve someone sooo much better! Also, remember that you are a Christian. I love your pictures and stories, and I even LOVE you!

  4. Well thanks to a young man (or not so young), you might have a trampoline for little Malachi to jump on when he visits. None other than Tate Welling (yes he broke it before) has saved your trampoline by shoveling mounds and mounds of snow off of it. He is such a champ!! It was sagging so badly...almost touching the ground. But after yours (and my) hero shoveled it all bounced right back! Yay for some good guys in the world (even if Mr. 18 year old turned out to be a turd)!!

  5. OH 18 year olds...they think they are older than they are...and they think they know the world...but really, they just graduated from high school and have no idea how life is yet!
    ok...that's enough of that!
    i hope you're doing well and are getting excited for the team to be there soon!
    love you and miss you lots!!!!
    I love your updates!