Saturday, February 28, 2009

Internet Inconveniences

The internet has been out since Wednesday and when it came back on today, you would have thought it was Christmas. All of the students were lining the counters of the computer room waiting to check mail and facebook like their lives depended on it. I was right there with them, though I have had email all along on my phone. So much has happened since I have written and in the same since, so little.

I will start with the most trivial of thoughts. We have these little Geckos here that must be chameleons, but I mostly find them on the walls here, which are white, so they are a kind of clear color. For some reason I love the clear baby Geckos. Speaking of creatures, I also have acquired ants. They are WEIRD, I thought that they were little spiders at first (lucky for ME they were NOT.) At first I tried to kill them, tried to get rid of their trail, took the trash out and moved the trash can, get up any scattered food and try to eliminate crumbs...but not, I think I am just trying to embrace them. (Poor freshies who are moving in with me next week...) They don't bite and they are as long as they aren't ON me or my food, we are at peace. Live and let live. Even with bugs. I have, about twice, probably thought that I might have felt on crawling in my hair. I was convinced I had gotten lice. I bet some of you would've liked to have seen me talk myself out of that one.

Wednesday I laid out and read a book Jenny had lent me, my first Karen Kingsbury novel called A Thousand Tomorrows. I read that on Wednesday. I took a break from reading on Thursday, which I will get to momentarily, and Friday I reread The Shack. That pretty much took up all of those days.

Thursday I woke up feeling horrible. Wednesday had been a rough night and I ruined lent already and slept in until 10 AM. By the time I finished KP I was down for the count. I decided to skip ice cream (I felt that bad) and went back to my room to rest. I was reading a bit when there came a knock on my door. It was Aaron inviting me OUT to dinner with he and Jenny, the boys and two older couples. One of the couples was from Pennsylvania and the husband had been coming down for years and had finally brought his wife, and it was tradition for him to treat some folks to dinner Thursday night at a restaurant called Scotchie's for jerk chicken. So instead of resting I took a shower and got ready to go out. I knew this could be a good opportunity for Malachi-points, so I took some fun drawing things and chocolate along for the ride. 

I was SO excited, dinner OUT! Jerk chicken! Just the Turnbulls, basically! Woo! This was going to be so fun. And we did have a great time--fun company, some amazing jerk chicken, yam and festival--which is like a fried doughy thing more like bread than a doughnut...hard to explain and I didn't actually have any being the not-fan of bread that I am. but it is apparently a Jamaican “dish.” I was thrilled that Malachi and Ezra came and I really got to sit and talk to Jenny-Rae and Aaron for awhile. The highlight of my night was the car ride though because I got to hold Malachi on the way there and Ezra on the way home—I have never held a baby in a car before because of car seat laws in America. It was such a treat for me to have a baby on my lap! 

Later that night in honor of Saundra’s birthday we had a girls night and watched a movie—P.S. I Love You, which I had heard was REALLY sad, but probably due to my extreme lack of attention, I didn’t really get that into it and didn’t cry until the end, and probably then it was less because of the movie and more because it was getting late and I was getting tired and like I said in my last note, really starting to miss some people… The night before had been a rough night and I haven't really had a good night since. 

Friday I woke up late, feeling sick again, nights and mornings have just been really hard and I can't quite figure out why. I ate some cereal and then went to the pool because if I was going to sleep more, I was at least going to be in the sun. I kept a low profile today, my Real Simple magazine that I’d gotten at the airport kept me entertained for the majority of the day. One of the dts girls finished The Shack and so I asked if I could reread it and I did that the remainder of the day. I stayed at the pool then from noon until 4, though by about 3:30 the sky had started turning black as if it were about to storm so I retreated to my room where I stayed. Something sweet, Alice, my British friend, who [eventually] picked me up from the airport, came by to check on me tonight because she hadn’t seen me all day, which she though was “a bit unusual” and she remembered I hadn’t been feeling well so she wrote me a little note on a post-it and stuck it on my door. It was nice to feel like someone knew I was alive…and had missed me today.

I finished the Shack and moved on. I started the 7th Harry Potter book-on-tape this time and have really been enjoying that while the internet has been down and I have not felt good enough to read for long...and I haven't been sleeping's made for some good background noise in the least.

And I can't figure out why this font changed in the middle...And I can't figure out why some people can't post comments on my blog and why I can only post comments on a few people's...BUT I just figured out how to copy and paste, that'll save me a lot of time online...anyway...answers to these are greatly appreciated.


  1. I am SO GLAD to see you posting!!! I have been checking EVERDAY!!!! I was thinking all kinds of things!!! I was worried!!!

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  3. Glad you are doing mostly well and getting lots of reading and sun in. And ice cream. All the essentials, really!! And how weird was it to hold a baby in the car? Did it feel unsafe? Or did you feel like Britney Spears, haha (remember her a few years ago getting arrested for holding her baby while driving). Anyway...hopefully I'll be able to post this comment because sometimes it doesnt' let me...haven't figured that one out either.

  4. I too have tried commenting in the past, but it seems ok now. I enjoy reading your blog!