Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My first day

The plane ride was good. No throwing up and I actually slept. The landing was really rough for a little girl who was about 2 and she made me cry more because she was so sad or scared or something. I kept wanting to go give her fruit loops and a big hug. I wanted someone to give me a big hug...

When I got off the plane I went through customs. It was a madhouse. It took me over an hour and there was just me... They lady gave me a hard time because I had said I was a "student" on my form and had told her UGA when she had asked where...then how did I have a month off of school? How was I on vacation? SORRY...next time I will be sure to write UNEMPLOYED all over everything.

By the time I got to the baggage claim carousel the next flight's baggage was already coming in and mine were the last bags there just sitting and waiting on me. This was good because they were there...but it meant I was really late and I started getting really anxious. The only thing I had really feared before I left was not getting picked up at the airport...

Three hours of sitting and crying later...I realized I had been left. I called my friends from home who found phone numbers for me to try and ended up getting me picked up as soon as they could. 

The girl who picked me up...(yes, a girl, thank goodness, though I would've gone with anyone at this point, I was so afraid I was going to have to take-a-taxi-and-get-kidnapped-and-all-sorts-of-worse-and-I-hadn't-said-good-bye-to-so-many-people...whew!) So the girl had a brittish accent and despite all of my practicing, I couldn't understand a lot of what she was saying...I wasn't afraid of being safe anymore now that I was at the base, but I was so freaked out and terrified as to just WHAT I was doing here now!?

I kept getting, "So where are you from? Are you a part of a team?" [Yes, but not quite yet] "Are you a mission builder volunteer then?" [Well, not exactly] "But you're not in dts, thinking about a dts, a mission builder or scouting out for a team...What are you doing here?" ..."a little vacation didn't seem like a good enough answer, that or they were like, "no, really...?"

I caught up on my sleep...woke up the next day and found the missionaries I knew, Aaron and Jenny. We talked about what is expected of me and what I actually want and how things work around here a little more and then I felt much better. He put me right to work pulling weeds and I immediately thought that maybe that was an illustration of what God is doing in me first thing, pulling the weeds that are choking my heart and causing me pain and preventing my heart from growing.
I was able to use the internet, got all settled up with Accounts, and had lunch. Oh yeah--today I had a choice between curried goat or fish with the skin on it--but it didn't have a head. I chose the fish, had a bite of the goat, and called it a day!

Jamaica is as beautiful as I remember and the warm sunshine is great. I'm staying in the dorms that face the bay this time and the view is breathtaking! It's louder than I remembered with horns honking and tires screeching and large engines revving I presume. I hope to either get so used to it or if all else fails, wear earplugs! I checked my phone plan today and changed some things so that hopefully texts aren't going to kill me and as far as I could tell internet isn't going to cost me more so emails are GREAT! BUT if anyone knows differently let meknow...though I have just come to terms with the fact that my phone bill is going to be pretty high this month!

I love you all and will write again soon!

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