Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm baaccck...

Well, the weekend of the retreat went really well, thanks to those of you praying! We had fewer kids than the year before, were familiar with the facility as opposed to last year and then had lots of returners to my staff! It was great! I had planned better and just gone with much simpler activities and lessons as well. I think as this was the 5th year I've done it it is getting to where I just don't care too much as long as the kids are safe and having fun. If it is too much to do a skit that day, throw it out... If we're not feeling singing, we don't have to do them. I definitely haven't always been that laid back about things. I was able to relax and just enjoy being there and hang out with a lot of people my last weekend in America. 

I was completely packed by the time I left for the retreat and so there was little to no anxiety about that and all I had to do was run a few errands when I returned home--and try to find a bathing suit! The biggest problem I was encountering was that I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep until I woke up. I fell asleep talking on the phone, which I have never done before...I was just so tired.

I went to one last Jamaica meeting and was pretty useless. It was good though and I am glad I was there for a little while. I finished all of the tasks that I could before I took my last warm shower and got in my bed for the last time for a month. 

I had a hard time with all of the good byes, which isn't unusual, but it was different this time. I didn't cry at all, which is SO unusual, and didn't even lose it after I'd said goodbye and people left me. I pretty much just crashed.  

The next morning I was still really wiped out from the week before, weekend retreat and now the 4:30 am wake-up, but I still did really well. I didn't cry until I got left at the airport and then it all came out. I wished at least one person I knew would be there with me. I wish people could still see you to your gate before they had to leave. I wish that I had gone ahead and gotten upset while I still had people around. But instead I gave lots of people in the airport and on the plane a good opportunity to use their imaginations as to WHAT was wrong with me.


  1. Yay for a great retreat!! I'm glad it was fun and not too stressful. And I take it you've arrived safely in Jamaica...so YAY for that!! I'm so glad you made it and you're blogging! Love you very much-- get some sun for me! It's like 50 degrees here, yuck!

  2. Enjoy the sun! I wish I was there with you! Remember...you are missing winter. Lucky.

  3. I am sooo proud of you! Sorry you were alone in the airport....goodbyes always made me cry too, especially in the Army when we moved. What an adventure going through customs and finally getting to the base!! I'm glad you got some rest! Food doesn't sound bad at all! How's the milk making? I love you so very much. Enjoy God's beauty that surrounds you, and know that His love is wrapped around you. May He protect you continuously, lead, guide, and direct you. Susan
    P.S. The blog is wonderful!! You are so creative!!