Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook statuses

I was thinking about changing my status on facebook this morning, but realized that it is a little too rare that I get online here to change it very often. But that didn't stop me from thinking in status mode all day for some reason and so I decided to list out all of the status changes I might have made the past few days. It spices the reading up a little I think...

So first, Catherine was up early this morning
Catherine is catching up a swing overlooking the Bay
Catherine thinks the breeze is quite chilly if you're not in the sun

Catherine's fish at lunch DID have a head today
Catherine wore her favorite apron for KP today!
Catherine weeded and raked some today...though the Carribbean breeze is not so conducive to raking--especially for a gold
Catherine hasn't had a shower since she left America and got quite dirty today

Catherine ate a hamburger the size of a sausage patty for dinner. No fries with that...
Catherine can't imagine tornado warnings right now
Catherine is sorely disappointed that her PB M&M's didn't last longer
Catherine might get quite thin without the PB M&M's to sustain her...
Catherine braved the cold for her first shower in Jamaica...sort of...

Catherine wants to crimp her hair and sport a side pony in honor of Wesley's 80's night extravaganza. Will the Jamaican's even notice?
Catherine is ready for a haircut...
Catherine might be settling in for a movie and bed though it's only 8:15
Catherine needs to know why she can't BB messenge Lindsay
Catherine hopes email and BB messenger really are free...but is just going to have to be ok with a high phone bill this month.
Catherine might need to try a little harder to be free of technology and slowly step down off of her friends...
Catherine quickly changed her mind, it is not a program.
Catherine can hear baby goats...m-e-e-e-ehhhhh

Catherine got SUN!
Catherine pruned today--wonder if that is next for the heart...
Catherine got so hot that she desired to SWIM today, to actually get IN a pool--What!?
Catherine says, "You know what I DON'T want to do ever again? Mulch."

Catherine had GREEN alfredo on her spaghetti for lunch...lime green...just for "fun"
Catherine hasn't laid out YET!
Catherine thinks Chaco's make her feel like a man. She just can't do it.
Catherine is sad because Malachi doesn't love her
Catherine gets to paint--that's fun
Catherine is TIRED..."Shower"


  1. I love you! I'm so proud you ate a fish with his head still on.
    I've decided Chaco's make me feel like a man too...I've quit them cold turkey.
    I love your gardening/heart illustrations.
    I'm sorry Malachi doesn't love you, he doesn't know what he's missing. He'll probably change his mind.
    wait...who is Malachi?

    <3 Stine

  2. Haha! I love facebook status style!!