Saturday, February 21, 2009


First order of business, if you are my "follower" you must have a picture. If you don't have a picture posted soon I am going to "manage" my followers...and God only knows what that means, but it will NOT be good.

Second, Malachi loves me. OK, he knows I exist. Most of you who know me know I have these kids that I randomly uh, love, and consider it among my top priorities to "win over." Last night I was leaving Jenny and Aaron's and said, "Bye Malachi!" 
"Bye!...Whaths your name again?" he asked.
"I'm Catherine." 
"Ok, bye Cafrin." 
Then I just decided to ask, "Hey Malachi, will you be my friend tomorrow?" and he said, "We are already friendths right now. But come back to my houthe tomorrow." Aaron was cosing the door after me and Malachi continued to call, "--come back after my bed sleep" I gave him a high five, mopped up my melted heart and went to movie night.

Then today he wanted me to swim in the pool with him which no matter how cute you are I just don't do, on principle...which could have lost me major points...but then again tonight when I was hanging out at his house again he said, "Whaths your name again, Cafrin?" and we had the best discussion of Disney movies and characters and Walt Disney World...see, now we're buds and I have 3 more weeks to really win him over. I feel like the endless hours of kid-stuff I have endured well into my adult life is never for nothing, as proved I will go right on watching The Princess and the Pauper and The Little Mermaid.

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  1. Awww yay! You need to put up a picture of him so I can really picture this in my head. Guess what...tonight we went to Brett's and I got the cream corn and it was amaaaaazing. Thanks for the recommendation. :)