Saturday, February 21, 2009


So today has been the best day so far! I woke up late and hit the pool I think around 11. I stayed there until, well time doesn't matter as much as sun, so I stayed until I had a tan line in the shape of a cross from the necklace I wear. (I also have a tan line from a little plastic yellow bracelet I wear, given to me by a sweet little girl whom I love like a sister, my Lydia, to remind me to pray. Those of you who have silly little plastic bracelets from Lydia...will maybe do the same...)

I had a splendid conversation about British accents with a girl who has a British accent, which led to many discussion topics from YWAM to Harry Potter. Then at about 3:30 I went in and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch because the kitchen is closed on the weekends. Who knew? We actually learned that the DTS students are going away starting today until Thursday to the Mandeville campus, but that means we will only have a meal at lunch for the entirety of this week as well. Should be fun. But at least no fishes with eyeballs...or KP!

The most exciting part of the day was at 5 when Alice, the girl who picked me up from the airport (and the girl who I had the British conversation with earlier) asked me if I wanted to go get ice cream. I said sure, adorned the Chaco's because she said it was a little hike, and we left the base.

It was the first time I have really felt like I was in another country. I saw bits of the culture and the poverty all around. There were shacks and half finished houses all alongside the "road" we walked on, and clotheslines. I think clotheslines are my favorite. Beautiful flowers and the view of what seemed like the whole ocean decorated the scene for our excursion.  

I ended up getting my exercise for the week as Alice, who-could-give-Laura-a-run-for-her-money, set the pace...and it was no "little" hike. But it was amazing. 

We arrived at the bottom of the mountain and walked along the highway at sea level for a little distance and I could smell the ocean for the first time. It was so refreshing. As we approached Tortuga, a little park area and two shops on the side of the road, I was so excited. It was absolutely precious. The outside was decorated with Caribbean themes and pirates and christmas lights, the inside felt like you were in the hull of a ship, the walls and the floor wooden planks. We got our gelato, I got choco-cocco (chocolate and coconut) in a cone and sat and enjoyed ourselves (or caught our breath if you were me...) 

We took a much shorter route home but it was just as scenic. I REALLY want to bring our team here when they come. It is the cutest little place and it's walking distance from the base and you really do get to see a couple other aspects of life in Jamaica...and you get ice cream.


  1. Yay for winning over Malachi! We knew it was only a matter of time.....we'll definitely have to take the team over to Tortuga, maybe Friday or Saturday night....9 more days!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun (the hike and the payoff)!! I hope you took lots of pictures!!

  3. yay!! I'm so glad!
    and I'm SUPER jealous!!
    glad you and alice are friends!! that's awesome! and I'm glad you're having a better time!!
    love you!