Monday, February 23, 2009

Freshie Freshies!

This morning it poured down rain. It was amazing! I can't remember a time when it has rained like it did without it being a thunderstorm. The rain was so heavy that I couldn't see any of the island across the Bay, it looked like a heavy gray fog. Then out of nowhere it stopped and the sun shone as bright as it has since I have been here.

With the sun did not come rainbows...BUT it did come muggy, sticky HOTness.

I painted three digit numbers on three doors this afternoon and was so frustrated that I had to stop there. First of all, things are just more difficult in another country. The paint (oil based) wasn't right, it was very thin and ran really badly. I was using a 4-year-olds paint brush before I got fed up with that and changed to q-tips, The paint was a rust red color that when it dripped it looked like blood. I seriously wished I could have taken a picture because it looked like something straight out of a horror movie... which did not make me feel good about the job I was doing. So I finished my three doors and called it a day...I didn't mention that I had 15 still left to do...oh boy.

I have only one Malachi story from today and it is actually from last night because I didn't actually spend much time with him today, but I remembered it and it made me laugh. We were watching Wall E and for those of you who don't know, Wall E has very little dialogue in the whole movie, so 4-year-old Malachi was watching it and as inquisitive as he is, asking me question after question after question. I have never seen the movie in its entirety so I didn't know the answers to any of his questions and I kept saying, "I have no idea." Later he came up to me and said, "Cafrin, ask me a question." and I thought, ok... and asked him some off the wall question and he said, "I have NO idea!" and started laughing hysterically which of course made me laugh.

Vivian made chocolate chip cookies from scratch tonight and I was so happy...chocolate chip cookies will be my demise, but I can NOT get enough. You need me to do something, it's as easy as if trying to persuade a small child..."If you help me I'll give you a COOKIE" and I'm so there. Cookies.

Cookies might be one of my most favorite things but tonight there was something else that was the highlight of my night. I co-lead a Bible study for Freshmen girls at the Wesley Foundation and we meet on Monday nights. It was sad not being there last week because I was traveling or recovering, having just arrived in Jamaica and all, but this week we decided I really needed to be back for it since Stephen was talking about dating...and I am such an expert (ha. ha.)... 

No really, we did video chat through gmail and it was amazing! I was SO happy to see people I knew, to talk and hear their voices, to laugh with them and talk as fast as I wanted to and not have to pay attention really hard to what they were saying in return...(I'm not so good at listening to the people here with accents...they have to repeat a lot and I have to concentrate)

I felt like I was there in the room. I was so happy, I got to talk to Michelle, my co-leader, and Becca and Rebecca--and Jason and Natalie, it was so exciting! It really made my night and I stayed up past 11! Whoa! I know. Crazy. Well, it was a good day, hopefully tomorrow I will finish painting the (15!) doors and have some quality time at the pool!

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