Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ordinary Jamaica

It rained again today and it was here to stay...as opposed to yesterday...did you all like my rhyme? So I slept in, finished Mark and then went to lunch. Praise the Lord I got dismissed from KP today...and it wasn't my look of disgust, there just wasn't anything for me to do. So I read some more and then got to work on my doors. 

I rigged up a contraption that I could effectively paint with which entailed a q-tip taped to the end of a pencil and was able to give all fifteen doors a first coat. I ended up having a conversation with Aaron that REALLY made me want to do a DTS and then come on staff here at YWAM. The only thing I wasn't thrilled with was the two month outreach and a bunch of 18 year-olds...and Aaron pointed out that I will have done half of an outreach by the time I leave Jamaica. I was floored and expressed this to Aaron that I had never thought of it like that...and allowed myself to ponder the idea further. I mean who wouldn't want to learn about things like the character and nature of God, prayer, evangelism, missions, forgiveness and etc. each for a week at a time. Who wouldn't want to be discipled weekly by a member of YWAM, who WOULDN'T want to live off the land in Jamaica for the rest of their lives! Well I will tell you, I do. 

I am really loving the idea of being a hippie-flower-child who lives on little to nothing...but I can't figure out what purpose my life would serve...seems the trend whether I am a flower-child or a high-maintenance, matching pearls, bows, and dresses wearing kind of girl. What is the point?

I had dinner for the third night in a row out on the veranda of the Great House. The intimate setting, few partakers, right as the sunset, see, I could also live like that. I think I know who I am...but I really change a lot too. I think I've pretty much dropped the high-maintenance part of me while in Jamaica. I know I can do it, I OCCASIONALLY even like it (not usually). BUT I LIKE life like it is at the beach. Laid back and casual, amazing weather--even if it rains, it is warm, you can wake up when you want, eat a light brunch, spend all day on the beach only interrupted by a long walk in the surf, come in to clean up and put on casual evening wear and go out[side] for a nice dinner. If the mood strikes an evening stroll and ice cream... I think I am spoiled.

I was asked when I was a freshmen in college if I could do anything what would it be...my answer was lay in the sun all day long, read good books, be really tan. My answer has not changed. I don't want to do ANYthing. We should play a game, all of you should suggest things that I might like to do and I will explain to you why I do NOT actually want to do them.

Ok...after dinner I got talked into going for ice cream, even though it was leaving the base after dark, taking a taxi, and it just another girl and myself...I know, I'm such a daredevil... I got to experience Jamaican taxi, and Jamaican ice cream--Devon house. It was amazing and my scoop was the size of a softball. 

The internet has been down so I thought I wasn't going to get to blog tonight, but Aaron graciously allowed me to use their wireless. I hung out there while they all watched a movie, License to Wed. It was kind of funny, kind of bad, but I enjoyed the religious humor in it. Another thing I want to confess...I love cheesy Christian movies. Thinking about this one--though not exactly a Christian movie, and Raising Helen really make me laugh. Facing the Giants made me squeal and cheer and then cry with joy, and I even enjoyed Left Behind,  A Night with the King, the movie about Esther, and I can't even think of more, but I am sure there are some. Well the point of this is that I saw another one, it's called Another Perfect Stranger, and though cheesy and terribly low budget, I really though it had a LOT of good things in it.It is a sequel to a movie called A Perfect Stranger, and I would even like to sit down and watch that one. It makes you think about how to talk to people about Jesus and Christianity. Oh and the Passion of the Christ.

Lastly, I should add that all of the things I don't want to do in my life, and the things that I actually DO...I don't want to do by myself...From mission work whether here in Jamaica, in Mexico this summer, on a dts, or ANYthing...it is NOT as fun as it could be with any of my friends. I don't LIKE to do these things by myself. I can, but it is no fun.


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