Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have been packing for what seems like 3 months, or at least planning to pack for that long. I should also admit that I am an EXCELLENT packer, should I have things my way. Whether or not I am packing for the weekend, packing to return home from a trip or packing up my entire house, I am good at it...and I really enjoy it. I think I should be a professional packer. Or mover. Or organizer. Or go on the show Hoarders at teach people how to organize and simplify their lives!

I have also been cleaning. The deep cleaning stuff that you usually only need to do every few months: the blinds, washing out the trash cans, etc. And I went to rinse out the coffee pot to go ahead and pack it...well, about 6 weeks ago, I made tea, with tea bags, in it...it was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving...Well, apparently after I made the tea...I left the tea bags in there. But don't worry, I found them yesterday. (Guess what else got thrown away besides the furry, moldy tea bags? Yeah...the coffee maker. I don't do mold.)

What I also don't do...grocery shopping. I'm not good at it, I quite despise it, actually.
But whilst packing I found lots of things in my pantry that were Kroger brand. Perplexed, I sat back to realize that if anything in my pantry was bought at Kroger it had to be over 7 months old! Likely a lot older...because I haven't been to Kroger since I moved...the island doesn't have a Kroger! (But don't worry, nothing else had mold...not even the peanut butter that had a sell by date from 2009...And the vanilla wafers were still fresh, opened and all...mmm...preservatives.)

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