Friday, December 31, 2010

How do I...

...manage to create such chaos?!?!?!

This time I have some what documented it...

1.) Allison spent the night so we
rearranged the living room to accommodate the air mattress. She said the couch was fine...I insisted we blow up the queen sized air mattress.

2.) This require I unpack a box that I'd already sealed and retrieve the comforter and sheets to fit, and the pump. So the contents of the box have seemed to seep out as well.

3.) I have multiple boxes that are open and being packed as I go in several locations, which merits multiple pairs of scissors and rolls of packing tape strewn about.

4.) I have begun taking things off the walls as well and so the tools are out-ish. But the hammer was out for another reason... I began an art project/Christmas present today that might've been a tile project. So I was using the hammer to break tile pieces. (and place those pieces onto the grout I had spread all over the plaster I had mixed...) so THAT is number 5 in essence.

6.) I also poured my first candle today. The mess was beautiful. Kind of like James' song... "candle wax on the floor I can't take it any more!!!" I also managed to spill a vial of the scented oil. It smells divine in my kitchen. Vanilla goodness and without baking a crumb.

7.) Baking. I will have to send a picture of the baking project I am supposed to undertake for Monday :/

8.) unfinished sewing projects (and sequins, threads, bobbins, ribbon and bits of thread and material) EVERYWHERE! Actual completed products. Nowhere...

9.) Paper, receipts, bills/mail, trash...piling up...

10.) I walk in the door after work each day and begin taking clothes off. They tend to stay where they fall. Clean, dirty, worn-but-probs-not-exactly-dirty, rejected outfit I tried on and any other manner of laundry has taken over. I still haven't put anything I washed last weekend in ATH away.

11.) I think that's just about it. Oh, except for the piles that I started with before this documentation...likely have things in them from this summer, for sure Halloween. Lovely.

Aren't you happy I don't live with you!?! Be a good friend to me and remember to never combine Christmas and another big event, ESPECIALLY moving. I'll be home later Saturday...unload, TRY to settle in somewhat...back to FL for MLK...then time to figure out what life might look like for awhile...ugh...what am I doing!?

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