Sunday, June 28, 2009

job...and job!

Ha Ha! Best news more baby sitting for Evan!!! I am SO happy, yeah, the money part will be a little sad for this month, and August may be REALLY hard...but holy cow, no more irrationally over protective parents, horribly stubborn and helpless only-children...I am quite excited! On the other hand, come September I will have a full-time, salaried job!

As of two weeks ago today , I am officially a lead teacher at the new childcare center Little Prodigies. I received a recommendation for this place from a mom that I baby-sit for and a UGA professor who heard about it from the Lamar-Dodd Art School…Now why would they advertise for a preschool/daycare at an art school? Because WE are uniquely a preschool/daycare with an emphasis on the fine arts.

I’m not sure what age I will have yet, under two’s for sure, but everything is still pretty unknown. I will be sure to post MUCH more as soon as I know. I got to sit and meet with the owner and had a great interview with him where we talked about everything from healthcare and salary to faith. So far he seems very laid back, very tolerant and a great person to work for as my first boss. I will have a childcare director and an artistic director over me, and I will have curriculum as well. My hope is that there will be a lot of freedom to learn and grow, a lot of opportunity to get to know and love and bless (and pray for) families and babies in Athens…without the corporate, institutionalized, impersonal, sterile feel that has been my experience at daycares so far.

When I mentioned faith I think that might be why I am most anxious. So we talked about my faith, that I would really like to be at a church preschool where the curriculum would have an element of faith in it. I really have a passion to teach the truth to children. So he interrupted me and said that by my resume and a couple of the things I have said, he could tell I am really into “church” so he wanted to know how I felt about being at a place where that was not something they wanted to be a part of their program. So I told him that my dream job was McPhaul, which is a public school system (at UGA), where the law is separation of church and state and I was fully prepared to abide by that. I will by all means answer any child who asks me what I believe, any adult too, and I will teach about Jesus at Christmas and Easter. I am fine with teaching Christmas around the world to encompass all of the religions and etc. of the world too…and he seemed to be satisfied with that and even said that he was so laid back that he didn’t really even care if he was walking around one day I was telling a Bible story, as long as it wasn’t something completely “off the wall” he probably wouldn’t care…and then we moved on…but I was a little nervous. I think I am really afraid because we HAVE discussed this. I have never been fearful and anxious about being a light at McPhaul…but I think I am wary of working somewhere that may be a dark atmosphere…because of my experiences with living this year, and I don’t even know…but I am just a little nervous. BUT anyway, I think I am and I am trying to get to the point where I am excited.

I really hope to get my curriculum and my schedule and stuff soon so I can begin planning for the first part of the year. I really want to know my hours as well so I can start making schedules for my life. I am SO excited about some stability coming soon. I will be moving in 2 days. I will have a full time job, a salary, and hopefully I will just really enjoy it. So, pray for me and be looking for updates as it gets closer to September 1st!


  1. full time job and a salary? Dang, you are growing up fast!

  2. Yay! I KNEW you would get this job. I am so excited for you.

    Where will you be living?

  3. Good for you!!! Any new job or task always brings a little anxiety...BUT I know that you will do GREAT!!! I am so excited and happy for you!!! YAY!!!