Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hoedown Throwdown!

Last night I had a wonderful girls night out! Caren and I met for sushi and then went to go see the much anticipated Hannah Montana movie. I had already seen it, I saw it with Lydia, so I knew I LOVED it. I just hoped Caren would! 

Well it was amazing as I knew and Caren enjoyed it too! Now there is a scene in the movie featuring a hoedown. Miley (as Miley) sings a song that has a little line dance number in it. I have been listening to the soundtrack for weeks now and know the song...but I have been dying to learn the dance as well.

So Caren and I went back to her learn the dance. We found an awesome tutorial on youtube and went to work! We danced for nearly 3 hours! It was so funny, we had such a good time, dressed up in our dresses and cowboy boots (except I didn't really have mine...) and ended up videoing ourselves...and this is the result...for your viewing pleasure...


  1. Wow, girls....that's all I have to say!

  2. yikes! I can't believe this has gone public!! a little scary! but so funny!!

  3. So amazing!! I am very impressed...I may need to learn this dance, too!

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