Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Achievements and updates

First of all, I THINK I know where I will be living next year...finally...I haven't signed a lease yet, but will probably have by the end of this week. I will let you know more when I know. That's the update part. The achievement part is as follows: 

In the past week and a half I have successfully: 

killed several spiders and roaches...on my own. Yes, it is time to spray more poison...or move... 

I have made hamburger patties, that is, touched raw ground beef, with my bare hands...and I didn't die, as i was previously convinced I would...

I ate pimiento cheese and did not HATE it...

I played guitar hero on MEDIUM...finally!!!

I am so brave!!!


  1. Haa! I think that these are all WONDERFUL achievements and accomplishments. You got some major mom points there w/ the hamburger pattie thing...think you're up for stuffing Tom this year??

  2. You also tried a tomato again!! I think you should add that as well!!