Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Workdays 1 and 2

This is perhaps the most frustrating thing...copying and pasting blog entries and trying to upload pictures without them messing everything else. 

The past two work days have been SO amazing! We had KP Monday and I had a very hard time shaking off the early morning. I went back to sleep for about 30 minutes before we left for the school but it was hard to even keep my eyes open until we left the school and headed to the worksite (about an hour later). Luckily the next day was SO much better. We had to be at breakfast at 6:30 and I’d gone to bed a little earlier the night before.The weather was perfect. A little breeze to keep it cool, not too cold, not too hot, a little cloud coverage and some shade on the site. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Monday it rained a couple of times but it wasn’t enough to deter us either time. One time it stopped the second we prayed and asked it to. It was pretty cool.

Our daily schedule looks a little like this:
(Kitchen duty 5:45) each room of 3 or 4 has KP one morning and one evening meal this week. It involves preparing and cleaning up the dining hall for meals. (We eat pre-packed sack lunches on the worksites for lunch.)

Breakfast 6:30

Depart for devotions at elementary schools 6:45-8:20, depending on the team you are onI am on the 8:20 team. We walk up the road to Reading Prep School for devotions from 8:30 to 9:00. The teams are split into three groups so we go to three different schools in the mornings and then do three different work projects in the afternoons. The school I have been going to this year is PRECIOUS! The kids are really little and so cute! Today they sang their national anthem for us.

Then we go change out of our devotion clothes and into work clothes and head out to our respective worksites. First thing we did was break into teams within our team: building, painting and roofing crews. I volunteered to be photographer so I got to be all over the place. It suited me so much! I have decided I am a working “butterfly”…I like to flit and fly all over trying all of the jobs, doing them until I tire of them and then move on. Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m not working very hard, but I really like to be able to see EVERYTHING that is going on. In fact, Tuesday for a large majority of the afternoon I sat on a little perch that I climbed on, on the frame of the house, before the roof was put up, the place where the interior and exterior walls intersect, and just watched for the longest time.

Monday we framed and built three walls and painted them. We actually painted the plywood inside and outside before nailing it to the frame and raising the walls. That way all we had to do was final coats and touch ups when the walls came together. We were blessed with water-based paint and so as opposed to oil-based painting, it wasn’t such a big deal to get it everywhere—AND we were outside so you know what we didn’t do? Worry about getting paint anywhere. We made a mess of ourselves but it was so fun! I have always been “too good” for paint teams at River of Life preferring the roofing teams, but today was so fun…even the paint “fights.”

Tuesday we put up the fourth and interior walls, and prepared to lay the roof. It was a very similar day to Monday just with new freshmen on our team. I missed Becca today because she had to rotate to another team and she took another fun freshmen with her, but we got to know some really fun kids today too!I am having major difficulty with uploading images and things onto the blog, so I am going to try and upload to shutterfly. If that happens I will link it to this page. Be looking for pictures soon, there are LOTS!

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