Monday, March 9, 2009

Church in Jamaica

I had a really rough morning starting with forgetting that Jamaica does NOT do daylight savings time, over compensating with my phone alarm…and ending up at breakfast, WITH my entire room, at 5:30. We all tried to go back to bed but of course, I could NOT. After breakfast however, I did…only to be woken up from a HORRIBLE dream by Becca telling me that it was time to go and we were waiting on me. 

I accompanied the group that went to Riverside Open Bible Church. The service was long and hard to understand, and a seminary student was the guest speaker…he has a long way to go on presentation. His message I am sure was great, but it wasn’t very captivating. 

Ashley and I played a very elaborate game of M.A.S.H and Jenny and I wrote notes back and forth. It was fun and a welcome refreshment from the usual text messaging. Old school, pass notes. Jenny made me miss Lindsay. She has that effect on me, calming and nurturing, like I have known her forever and she loves me…but it makes me miss my Lindsay.

After church we went to Doctor’s cave, a beach, just for the whole team to hang out and relax together before the work week starts. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. I love the sand in Jamaica, it is like no other sand I have ever felt…and I have felt sand in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, California, Jamaica and Africa. It is shell beach but not like Edisto, it is white sand but not like Destin or silky like in Africa. It’s just…amazing. It is even cooler when it is wet.

The leaders came together and ate lunch before we hit the beach. Once settled in the sand I forced myself to read a chapter in my book, sat in the sun for awhile and then watched some of our team play beach volleyball. When it was almost time to go Christina and I walked in a gift shop with Christina and found the cutest top for Lydia, it’ll be her birthday present…I’ll miss another one of her birthdays…I am a horrible sister. But this is what her present looks like…and a surprise that I will save.

After the beach I came in and showered then organized room some because it is starting to stress me out. I feel really crammed and chaotic because I went from being all organized in a good sized space to sharing that with 3 other people and now being expected to wear three different outfits a day and being expected to be places at a certain time…ah!

I have a favorite kind of dress that I often wear over jeans, I got it for my birthday two years ago in Jamaica, often call it my Jamaica dress or my birthday dress…and they have them again at Old Navy! SO I went online and saw the options and I cannot wait to order like 5 of them! I really can’t wait. I have enjoyed wearing dresses everyday again almost more than being tan! (I said almost!) But dresses, I love them and I am SO excited about a few new ones! Woo!

Ashley talked about Mary and Martha which tends to offend me because I guess I just don't know what to do with that story because I AM a Martha...anyway, no new revelation came from hearing it again this time. I skipped out on the meeting after a little while and talked back and forth to Laura for the first time in over 2 weeks...then was upset and started to get really bummed that I am going home.

P.S. I taught Ben how to play minesweeper today and got a high five.

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  1. I need some of those dresses, too! I love them :o)