Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's a new week!

If you want to pray for me, you should pray about sleeping. I have some major sleep issues and they have not disappeared since arriving in Jamaica. I have a really hard time falling asleep, but when I finally do, I can (and have no reason not to) sleep for 12 hours. Last night I prayed before I fell asleep that I would wake up when it was the best time for me to wake up...that I wouldn't sleep too much or too little, that I would sleep the amount that only God knows is perfect for me. I woke up at 6 AM. This isn't a big deal because I have been going to bed around 10:30 or 11 here...but after I'd been awake for 2 hours I didn't have anything to do so I decided to go back to sleep... and slept until NOON. I also have really vivid dreams that I usually don't know what to do with. So that is one area I feel like if I could ever get under control would help immensely. 

When I finally woke up I decided to kind of lie low and not be in the sun because I'd gotten burnt the day before. I did a little of my Esther study keeping to the shade and then I ran into a small super hero. I said, "Hi super-hero-Malachi. You are playing with Lightnin' McQueen!" He said, "Yeah, I usually play with Mater, but he is back in Canada." So the conversation had sparked and the afternoon turned out to be one long playdate with me and my boy. 

He and I "flew" around with super hero capes on and had so much fun. I pretended I was afraid to "fly" off of things that were a little high and he assured me it was fine and told me I'd done great after I jumped. He explained to me what the mango tree was and pointed out an almond. He's so bright and it just makes me think that he reason he is as inquisitive and intelligent as he is because his mom and dad don't talk to him like a baby.

We snuck up on lizards and caught frogs and then had to go fight monsters, "No, WOLVES!" in the "Deep, dark, woods." He also nonchalantly told me that the baby wolves that were "Jutht tho cute" lived just behind "the burning bush there." Soon we wound up having a treasure hunt. I drew a map of the base and we played just like Dora the Explorer. I told him he had to go "past the Great House, through the deep, dark, woods and around the burning bush. We had to fight the wolves--except for the good one, and he was like Aslan and came back to life "when the table was cracked." 

When I was supposed to have dinner his grandfather later told me that he said, "Cafrin ith my good friend. She played with me for a very long time." Then, the highlight of my night was that as we were finishing dinner, outside on the porch of the great house, he came walking up and his eyes lit up when they saw me and came running over and looked up and said, "Cafrin, want to play?" Of course I want to play Malachi. It is amazing what energy I really do get from the conquest of winning small children. I just love it. I love them...and I miss them. I miss Eva, Lydia, Lyla, Kyle, Eli and Jackson, baby Who...

So with all of that said I have a lot of good energy to start the next week. I have vacation week under my belt and now this week to get serious. Boot camp has to be re-initiated and a lot of productivity must occur--of course now mixed with time to play with the boys! 

P.S. GOOD JOB followers on the pictures! Excellent response times!

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  1. That's amazing! I want to meet this superhero! Will he be around in two weeks?