Monday, December 3, 2012

Pretty much Scrooge-ish

I used to blog more often when I had things to complain about. I still largely like to write when I have serious frustrations to vent...but then I noticed a sad result of this trend: that I missed chronicling all of the great things that were happening in my life.

So I tried to write when I had happy things to report and wanted to celebrate and remember. Well, in case you haven't noticed, I haven't blogged in 6 months and it HASN'T been for all the JOYful things I've forgotten to share or that I'm so bust enjoying life that I forget to blog. The one positive thing in this is that I have broken the negative blogging pattern apparently, because the biggest reason for my non-blogging is that I DON'T want to write when I'm just going to complain. BUT, a quick recap before the  impending End of the Year survey that I am DREADING...

I dislike EVERYTHING right now and I feel terribly like Scrooge McDuck. I do not even LIKE Christmas or winter time. I do like getting presents, I only occasionally like giving presents (because I don't like feeling pressure to do gifts just because its a particular time of year. I'd rather buy you a present when I just happen upon something that is just "perfect" for you any old time of the year!)

There's, these are the positive things I DO like to try and balance out the grouchiness:

Twinkly lights
Icicle lights
Flannel sheets
Blue Powerade

That's all right now. And there aren't many of those things in my life right now.

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  1. Listen here, Scroogey. I propose an evening of cookies and/or cupcakes, glitter (crafting), and Barberitos. And we can dress as twins if that would make it better. And you can feel to drink blue powerade, but I'll pass. I got new flannel sheets and they are fantastic, you can come pet them or take a nap in them if you feel so led. I have a lot of shopping to do, seeing as I haven't bought a single gift yet. It's 75 degrees outside, that covers "heat" I think. I got a new scarf you can admire. My neighbors have icicle lights AND twinkly lights. I have the Nutcracker CD. And now I've almost completely covered your list and also this comment is totally out of control. So go back to the beginning where I was suggesting hanging out, crafting, Barbs, and dessert. That was the essence of the point of this comment. LOVE YOU.