Saturday, June 30, 2012

Now it feels like Summer!

So my summer fun seemed to start immediately after I left work on Thursday with a much needed dinner date with Erika. And after I saved her frozen foods, all I could be talked into eating was sushi. Mmm…I only have one other friend who EVER wants to go have sushi with me and she lives in Texas. Boo.

I had some good quality time with friends. By the time we looked at the clock it was 1:30…and an unforeseen sleepover ensued. It was such a great feeling when I woke up to these girls who were delighted to find me sleeping on their couch!

I played on the roof helped friends working on their house. Sweeping off a roof in the hot sun in the dead of summer brought on a bittersweet reminisce about the mission trips I’ve been on, but especially River of Life. It kind of filled a little, tiny hole in my heart.

While working on the roof I got a text from a friend that said this, “Any chance you can sneak away from the office this week & join us at the beach for a couple of days? Hilton Head is only 5 hours away…and by office I mean babysitting ;)”

Ummm, let me think about it…yeah! Did you KNOW that I don’t even HAVE to babysit for 2 weeks!? Don’t you realize that this is perfect timing and a gift from the Lord?!? I LOVE the beach. I LOVE Lauren. And I LOVE blessings.

So I just got back from four glorious days at the beach! We woke up with the sun, embraced beach hygiene (minimal showering, enjoying sweat, salt, sunscreen and sand, realizing your hair is just NEVER going to be tame again…) and relaxed all day with no schedule or agenda at all. We soaked in the sun, walked and danced ballet on the beach. We swam at the pool, people watched and made up stories. There was kid-noodle soup, talk of Disney World (best subject ever…) and other quality subjects, and occasional outbursts of song. We devoured our books, ran lines for Annie and napped wherever we fell. We got ice cream [twice], French braided hair, shopped a little on the rainy days, and there was no shortage of Woodchuck, Mike’s AND FUN! It was EXACTLY what I needed.

Since then I’ve had dinner at 9:00 on balmy outdoor patios with old friends, enjoyed a day at Six Flags with my youngest, but newly TEENAGE brother, and hours of Dr. Mario. The temperature have reached record breaking highs for an extended period of time this week, but I could not be enjoying summer more. From beach to Six Flags to ice cream and ruffled-bathing-suit littles…Endless summer, please commence. 

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