Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Step Closer

Pretty much anyone who knows me knows that The Little Mermaid is my favorite...everything. First of all the music was in that brilliant era of Disney animated musicals like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King... beautiful, wonderful scores of music.

Second probably because it was the first movie I remember watching over and over, of my first grade life. I remember watching it every day with my cousin Merrie, singing Ariels songs and arguing (everyday) about who could do it better. [Obviously me. Not only because I was older, but because I said so. That was all. And who needed more than that. I WAS 6.] And we could only agree to disagree [everyday] that it didn't really matter which one of US was better, but that we were BOTH just better than our other cousin. Truly though, Merrie was too high, Emmy was too low and I was, well, perfect. Just LIKE Ariel. (Not the Three Bears. Get that reference.]

Prince Eric is a great Prince [not only because he has trained fireflies] and Ursula is an amazingly evil villain! They have a Jamaican crab, I mean, what's not to love!? And...

I also am in love with fireflies. I think they are so romantic PROBABLY because of the "Kiss the girl" scene in The Little Mermaid. I've always secretly wanted fireflies around for my proposal. [You can ask my college roommates exactly to what extent they would be needed in the elaborate plan...] and maybe instead of rice at my wedding. That one hasn't always been the stronger desire because of the idea of a massive number of flying insects being released in my vicinity [in my wedding gown] kind of sounds like the worst idea ever. But in theory (and covered in a mosquito net veil) quite romantic!

SO...why the title One Step Closer? Unfortunately NOT to the proposal or wedding...ahem. BUT to the Broadway musical. I confess I had no idea there was such a thing, except deep down inside somewhere, until this week.

The next big shocker, I really, really, really want to be a singer and dancer on stage. It was kind of a huge disappointment when I realized after I turned 25 8 that I really will not ever be Annie at some point. I always just hoped, "maybe one day..." It was just a harsh reality...Unlike the dream of being a cheerleader. That one comes a little easier to give up, when you try and very evidently can no longer tumble without personal injury to your bones, back, neck, etc...I digress...

But I still like to sing and I LOVE to dance and so I decided to sign up to be a part of a musical theater performance that is supposed to be no big deal, a few rehearsals and a gala 3 weeks later. Not a big time commitment, etc...

So, I was pumped! I got my CD and it listened a few times through and learned some new songs...because, although I love plays and stuff, I haven't seen MOST of them... Of course I loved the familiar favorites and several were cute and will make cute numbers, but this one song...I fell in love with. I knew by the music it was from the Little Mermaid story so I searched for it on Youtube as soon as I got home and here you have it. My absolute dream. I want to be Ariel, I want to waltz and wear the ruffly, sparkly, pink dress and not be great at the dance steps necessarily but the dancing be expressing my heart and my Prince be falling in love with me without ever hearing me [while he has been conscious] say a word...Be still my heart, it is about to swell up and burst as I think about it--I feel like I feel on the fourth of July!!! Please watch it and tell me you love it, that it is exactly as you picture me deep down in my heart and that someday my prince will come and my dreams will come true as we dance THIS song at our reception. [Among other, of course choreographed, and so far, Disney :)]

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