Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sticker Collections and a Silly Girl...

Apparently there is a popular website called and it's super hilarious. One of my Allisons told me about it and I have been thinking in dearblankpleaseblank letters all day! Please go to the site and read some, but until then, to explain a little more, they go a little something like this

Dear so-and-so,
Please do or don't or something sarcastic
Thanks, Someone relevant to the recipient or message

Ok, ok, example,

Dear Perfect Boyfriend,
Welcome to the Club!
Love, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy
(Get it?)

Well mine isn't witty and funny like those but this would be mine and a great introduction to my post...

Dear 13-year-old-self,

Do not cover every inch of the walls in stickers, no matter how important they may seem to you at the time.

Your 26-year-old self who is having to scrape them all off...

So maybe I have some kind of obsession with stickers. I do love stickers and have about a billion of them in all of my craft stuff...but until this week when I moved back into my mom's house (and my childhood bedroom) did I realize I might have a slight problem.

Growing up I had a great room: bunk beds, triple high bunk bed, a lofted bed...etc. I had a little nook hiding place, two window sills to sit in way up high and a closet that is basically a museum now.

My closet was a place that I drew on the walls and let my friends write notes and sign...and is also where I stuck just about every sticker I ever got...which was apparently a LOT.

I had braces for 6 1/2 years meaning an orthodontist appointment about once a month, and dental visits 3 times a year...which roughly meant about 100 trips to SOME Dr. or another's office...each of which usually yeilded 4-6 large stickers.

Apparently they all went on my closet walls. I have stickers from every major holiday and season, Winter, Valentine's Day, St. PAtrick's Day, Easter, Spring, Summer, Back to School, Christmas, etc. There are little tiny sheet stickers of everything from Winnie the Pooh to Pokemon and golden stars. Like reward stars. I must've just gotten a pack and decided to put every single one of them on the wall. Great Job. A+ Catherine.

I have BUMPER STICKERS, expensive, big stickers, concert or record label stickers, journey's and Vans stickers and basically, anything that stuck, anything with adhesive backing, I stuck on my walls. I even have the opposite side of the stickers, the shell, the stuff that's left on a sheet of stickers when you've used all of the stickers off...I have several size stickers saying:

6 Reg
6 Reg
6 Reg
6 Reg
6 Reg
6 Reg



Really? This kind of collection could NOT be healthy.

Well...I have moved back into my room and have decided that that kind of disorder and chaos in my closet is just going to make me crazy so I will have to paint over it. Please don't hate me if you were one of the lucky ones to get to sign your name or write "Have a nice summer" on my wall. I took lots of pictures and I will be sure to always remember you all in my heart... You can be sure that my level of anxiety will have decreased about 50% as I stare into the newly painted, uniform, closet and take a deep breath.

BUT how does one begin to do something like that? I tried my hardest to peel each sticker off with my fingernails, then with an exacto knife...most of them however having been stuck on there for over 10 years peeled off a portion and just ripped the top layer off. I used some denatured alcohol in the form of Goof-off and pretty much acheived only a mild headache from the fumes...and then I just began getting them off at any cost--and removed a bunch of the drywall... I think I'm going to have to repair the drywall and sand a little...but I might get impatient and try and prime and paint right over it. One thing is for sure, to all you 13 year olds out there with a sticker fetish--get a sticker book.

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  1. HAHAHA. Good post. I think maybe you were a sticker hoarder, but since you seem to be seeing the err of your ways on your own, I won't have to put you on the TV show. Although at least if you were on the show, a crew of (handsome, strong) men would show up to do the dirty work for you, and you could focus on "emotionally healing" from the trauma of seeing your stickers being removed. Hmmmm. That sounds pretty good.