Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This...is the object of my absolute nightmares.

And they are everywhere, people. It is apparently just a part of island life.

I need to go back a little further into my history with these fellows. The first time I remember seeing them was on Edisto Island. I went to the beach with a family that I adored. It wasn't the best time in my life, in fact, I was pretty sad the whole time. We stayed in a little house in a little resort neighborhood [type] thing...and I spent MOST of the time on the porch swing crying on the phone to my best friend.

While I swang and cried I noticed a frightening creature in the yellow light of the porch. It was HIM. He looked huge and colorful, and such a disturbingly interesting shape...his body looked like he had a shield of some sort on his back. I remember him being in my dreams that week. I also began to notice more of them...everywhere...in any spiky, palm-like tropical bush, brush...

They live in webs, but not just one of them, MULTIPLE spiders live in the same web...like in little colonies. With a KING. The biggest of them all. And I just knew that they met nightly to conspire against me and plot ways to kill me.

In the subsequent years I was never "disappointed" to find that these guys were always there. I "affectionately" called them Edisto spiders sometimes I called them Shield Spiders too.

Finally, after returning from the beach one year and I was still having nightmares about these spiders I decided to do a little research. I found out that they were called Golden-silk spiders (and like a million other things, banana spiders for one...but BOTH of those names have OTHER spiders that ALSO go by THOSE names and THOSE spiders are VERY dangerously venomous. Awesome. So I am terrified now and rightly so.)

The next place they graced me with their presence was in Jamaica, the land I love. I noticed them al in the brush on the pathway down to the bottom of Dunn's River Falls. They are international. Or they are following me.

And finally here in my very own town (that phrase in itself makes my stomach hurt...) which has prompted MORE research. And I still can't decide if I am going to die if one bites me or not. I just don't know if this is going to work out for me.


  1. YIKES!!!! I hope that picture is courtesy of Google Images and not something from your personal archives.