Thursday, February 25, 2010

Milk Men

This morning I woke up to discover I had no milk. I can't eat cereal without milk and I can't get up unless I eat cereal. So I went back to bed...for 3 or 4 hours. That was my rationale. If I go back to sleep maybe when I wake up this time there will be milk in the fridge! The milk man will have come! How come we don't have milk men anymore!? That would be SO nice, to just have fresh milk on your doorstep whenever you needed it. Milk is seriously the sole reason I have to go to the grocery store in the first place. It's fine if I am out of anything else but when the milk is's time to go. Then when I got over the injustice of no more milk men...I lost all reason.

I thought maybe the milk FAIRY will have come! She will have magically sensed the need for milk in my house, like the tooth fairy magically knows when you lose a tooth...and I will stumble to the fridge in my barely-awake-eyes-haven't-adjusted-to-the-light-no-equilibrium-state and open the door to see a SPARKLING brand new carton of milk! The sound that would happen for this in the movies would happen in my house too... ahhh, to dream big.

I had a few more fleeting thoughts of waking up to realize I had been dreaming the first time when I had discovered no milk and there actually WAS milk...or that I will have gone to the grocery store in my sleep and bought milk...and lastly that it would magically be spring and it wouldn't be too cold when I wake up this time to ACTUALLY go to the grocery store. But so much for all of that positive-yet-unrealistic thinking. I woke up again and alas, no milk. AND--no Spring.


  1. I think it would be great if we still had milk men. I support them making a comeback.

  2. So I drank lots of your milk last week. :(

    BUT, interestingly enough...last night I had a dream that I came back to Athens and you had stocked the fridge with milk for me.

    Weird huh!?!