Sunday, May 3, 2009


I am really good at case you don't know me...and right now I am SICK which doesn't make for a great combination...SO...the sick story:

I had a picnic lunch at Memorial Park today with friends and family from church. We had fried chicken, fresh strawberries and then a lot of junk and sweets for dessert. I didn't eat a whole lot, mostly strawberries an occasional bite of chicken...but a bunch of cookies and a piece of cake...but it had been hours and I felt fine. 

I went downtown to meet Christina and do a little shopping and just enjoying an evening in downtown Athens before it gets so HOT. We shopped and walked and talked and had a grand time (and stores began to close) and so we decided to do something fun for dinner. We tried a place that neither of us had tried before, Copper Creek, but it was closed, so we settled for Wild Wing (since I had only been there ONCE in my many years in Athens (which THAT was also a fun story...CAREN!) 

So I am into dips these days, and so I ordered a triple dipper, with kind of an odd combination of spinach dip (which is different than spinach artichoke dip), a queso dip and what they called Shrimply delicious...a shrimp dip that ended up being really good, just really spicy. I mean it was SOOOO hot. I started feeling funny and mostly I thought it was that the dip was so hot it was making my face and head feel really hot, my nose sort of run, and then my cold tea and the cold restaurant were giving me chills...then I thought maybe I was getting a little too full... 

Right toward the end of dinner when we had gotten our bill and were paying I began to feel really bad. I still just thought I ate too much... We walked down the street toward Christina's car and she was going to drive me to my car which was way further away... So we hopped in and I laid my head against the headrest and tried to just relax and take deep breaths. Christina backed out and we were just chatting like normal. I had done my usual complaining of feeling like I just might throw up a couple of times already and then Christina asked, "Well, what do you feel like doing?" (Meaning what was next for us on our fun evening...) and I said, "I FEEL like I am going to VOMIT." She just laughed and turned the corner and I said, "No! Pull over, I am really going to throw up!" 

So she pulled over right beside the court house...the same street that everyone was packed on for the Human Rights Festival...and I hopped out of the car and threw up all over the place. I puked and puked and was disgusting. It was thick and "dippy" with spinach, strawberries and a ton of sweet tea. I know EVERYONE wanted those details.

See, in case you needed to know this too, I mostly stay standing when I throw up until the very end when I am doubled over and can't stand up if I am in a bathroom I will kneel down in front of the toilet and finish wretching...if not, as I was not tonight, I go first to hands on the knees and then a good squat. Mostly I just spit a lot at this level...but since I had done most of the action from a higher angle [I know you want to know WHY this much detail is necessary...but it is really important for this next part...] My throw up SPLATTERED all over my feet jeans. I cried a little. That is so SICK! If I had not been downtown the clothes might have all come off right then. I was shaking, because you just do that sometimes...and I felt like the germiest, stinkiest, most contaminted person EVER...AND I was so humiliated because in addition to just having thrown up in public, I realized it was downtown and though THAT is not uncommon, EVERYONE who throws up drunk! I'm sure everyone just thought I had had too much to drink (on a Sunday afternoon none the less...and me, who drinks, um, never...) 

When I was sure I was finished, when there was NOTHING left in my body at all, I felt like it was safe to get back in the car and let Christina take me to my car. One thing that I can say is that I LOVE Christina. She reacts with the most level head, and is truly "unshockable" if I have ever met someone who was...and today, when I was sick...she did NOT treat me like I had the plague...and I had just puked [almost] all over her and her car. When I told her this, she said, "it's happened before" like it was no big thing...I would like to think ( :/ ) that I would be that kind of friend. And really I am when it comes to most sick germs, for one who is quite afraid of germs-that-would-cause-me-to-die irrational... but I do NOT react well to throw up and blood and other body fluids...even in children. Especially in children. Because that usually means an accident or an emergency or something equally as panic provoking...WHEW! I have needed to write for QUITE some time. 

ANYWAY...I made it driving myself home, got in the shower (with my barf-splattered flip flops ON) and threw my poor jeans in the wash, then I settled down for an easy night of a movie, Desperate Housewives and (hopefully, thus far) no more puke.


  1. Aww YUCK!!! I'm sorry this happened to you. And I hope you feel better and that you are able to enjoy chicken, strawberries, and dips again in the near future. And also, today I was going through a bunch of old notes/letters/random things I'd saved in a shoebox and I found TONS of letters/cards from you...lots of the favorite cards with a novel written on the front...oh yeah. It made me very happy and it made me want to see you!

  2. Wow. I hope you are feeling better. I have quite a few throw-up stories myself.
    Once I threw up in Mexico in the middle of the night on the floor of a small building all of us girls were sleeping in. I was so sick and feverish I couldn't hardly move. A very saintly nurse-to-be treated it like it was no big deal and proceeded to clean up all of my throw-up off the concrete floor.

    Another time I got a migraine in the middle of Wesley. Jolene had to drive me home and she had to pull over so I could throw up in the bushes off the side of Lumpkin street.

    I have throwing up in airplane stories, throwing up on car stories, throwing up in school stories, throwing up in mall parking lot stories.

    Pretty much whenever I throw up it's in public. I've passed the point of's just happened too many times!

  3. I'm sorry for your yucky experience and that you're sick, but I'm glad it motivated you to post...yay! And I'll wait until next Monday to see if you want to walk with my nephew and me. =)

  4. first off- that WAS a funny night! And just another example of your GREAT friendness!!
    second- I'm SOOO sad you had to throw up! and downtown! and that it splattered. that's just never fun.
    third- I hope, really hope, I would have been a good friend in that moment. usually my reactionary mode kicks in and I can deal- it's just the later- if I think you're contagious time- that I get worried. But in the midst hopefully I would have been a good friend!!
    fourth- you just called me again on accident. I yelled into the phone- but you couldn't hear me.

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